Useful advice to maximise your inwash performance

Washing Tips

Active® Rinse Aid Weekly

Using Active® Rinse Aid in your dishwasher helps to stop droplets of water forming on glass and cutlery when the drying takes place. It also helps to prevent etching on glass (cloudy glass).

Cleaning bowls

Don’t nest bowls too closely together, as the spray arms can’t reach between nested items.


If plastics become distorted it maybe because they are not dishwasher safe or the plastic is not heat resistant. Check to make sure your plastics are dishwasher safe and keep them in the top tray away from the heating element.


If you find Tarnish on your silverware this could be because you have mixed silver and steel together. Avoid this by keeping them separate.

Active® Dishwasher cleaner monthly

Using Active® Dishwasher cleaner and freshener every month will prevent build up in spray nozzles, heating elements and filters leaving your dishwasher clean and fresh.