Cleaner, cost effective and efficient

Dishwasher Facts

A good dishwasher gives cleaner dishes and saves you time – it’s an invaluable asset for a busy home.
The combination of high temperature, the mechanical action of the dishwasher and the strength of the Active® detergent provides a superior clean for your dishes. As a result, harmful bacteria are destroyed that might otherwise remain unseen on your dishes.

Thinking about buying a dishwasher? Consider these points before you buy:

  • Size: Traditional under-bench dishwashers are usually 850mm height, 600mm width and 550 to 650mm depth approx. However, if you are replacing an existing dishwasher, check the fit before you order.
    Or you can get a slimline model only 45 centimetres wide but can still fit 9 or 10 place-settings.
    Or you can choose F&P’s single drawer DishDrawer®, to take up less vertical space.
  • Capacity: Standard size is 12 place settings, however some will go up to 16.
  • Flexible loading: Adjustable top basket, handy if you want to wash tall wine glasses, or large plates in the lower basket.
    Removable or folding tines allow large or awkwardly shaped objects to fit in the baskets.
    F&P’s DishDrawer is has versatile loading, you can wash one load of lightly soiled dishes and simultaneously have the second load of dirty pots
  • Anti-nesting grids: Fitted over the cutlery basket to prevent cutlery bunching together. Removable grids are more versatile and easier to use.
  • Settings: Program options and features – options vary from low temperature wash saves power, delicate cycle is useful for fragile items, fast-wash function, half-load option reduces the amount of detergent, power and water required.
    Cycle time – A normal cycle usually takes around 100 minutes. But they can vary from fast cycles to 171 minutes.
    Displays – It’s helpful to see how soon the cycle will finish, or where to look to fix simple problems, such as blocked spray arms.
  • Other features: Anti-flooding devices – fitted to the hose, to prevent your kitchen becoming awash if there’s a leak.
    Concealed heaters – prevents stray plastic items from melting on the exposed element.
    Fan drying – assists and improves drying by removing condensation from inside the dishwasher.
    Filter – Make sure the filter is easy to remove and replace.
    Controls – Look for clearly labelled buttons and a display screen or rotary dial to indicate time remaining
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